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                Service Commitment
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                        To improve the customer service capability, provide feedback and solution on time, Victall has set up one customer service center, three after-sales service offices, and ten after-sales service stations separately in Beijing, Tangshan, Changchun, Shanghai, Guangzhou, to meet the requirement of customers for the prompt response and quick troubleshooting. The target of Aftersales Service Center is to build the core competitiveness of enterprise, and to be the leading brand of service in railway business. We adhere to the philosophy of Customer first, Service-oriented and the service standard of Question Zero Delay, Process Zero Mistake and Closing Zero Missing, service style of Prompt Feedback, Rapid Troubleshooting, to provide on time, more efficient and quality high-end aftersales service for customers, to build the core competitiveness and the leading service brand in railway industry, through providing the complete, accurate and on time solution and quality improvement as well as on time, suitable and complete closing.